Conditions of use

1. Definitions

The Following expressions Shall mean
"JUST LABELS" "Just Labels cc"
"THE CUSTOMER" "Person or company designated as the receiver of the goods"

2. Order Process

2.1. Orders may be placed by one of the following processes.
2.1.1 Electronic order via web site
2.1.2 By post to : Just Labels, P O Box 1166, Wandsbeck, 3631.
2.1.3 By facsimile transmission to 031 266 4694

2.2 Any order will be of no force or effect unless received by Just Labels in accordance with one of these processes. Just Labels will not accept telephone orders and furthermore Just Labels will not process an order unless Just Labels has received payment, as provided for in paragraph 4 below.

2.3 The order will be completed once Just Labels has received the order in accordance with the provisions of 2.1 above, along with the payment, and it shall not be necessary for Just Labels to confirm receipt of the order. Accordingly, whosoever places the order waves the requirement that he or she be notified that the order has been accepted.

2.4 Just Labels reserves the right to refuse to accept and/or execute an order without giving any reasons, in which event, Just Labels may apportion any payment received to discharge any debt owed by that customer to Just Labels and, failing that, Just Labels shall refund such payment.

3. Price

3.1 Just Labels reserves the right to change the price of its goods from time to time, without notice. Just Labels will honour any order provided the tendered amount is in accordance with the published price prevailing on the day the order is placed.

3.2 The published price includes the cost of postage by ordinary mail. Where the customer requires any other method of delivery it shall be for the exclusive account of the customer and Just Labels shall not process the order until such time that payment referred to in 4.1 is received, together with the costs of delivery.

3.3 Should Just Labels incur any extra expense owing to suspension of work or variation of work due to incorrect instruction or lack of instruction on the part of the customer resulting in incorrect interpretation or mistakes the likes of which Just Labels did not cause, all such extra expenses shall be paid by the customer upon invoicing.

4. Payment

4.1 Just Labels must receive full payment before any order will be processed. No order will be of any force or effect until such time as Just Labels' bank account has been finally credited with the amount due in terms of the order.

4.2 Payment is to be effected by one of the following methods:
4.2.1 Electronic transfer to Just Labels Cheque account no. 407 798 1100 at ABSA, clearing code no 632005, account name Just Labels.
4.2.2 Direct deposit to the above account, where the bank charges are for the Customer's account.
4.2.3 Cheque payment made out to Just Labels and in respect of which the funds are cleared and finally credited to Just Labels account.
4.2.4 Credit card payment to the above account.

5. Delivery

5.1 Product distribution is done by ordinary mail, unless by special request of the customer in which case an additional charge will be levied. Delivery will be effected by ordinary mail (unless the customer specifies otherwise).

5.2 Just Labels will have discharged its delivery requirements from such time as the product has been posted in Westville or, in instances where the customer has specified another form of delivery, from such time as the goods leave Just Labels' premises.

5.3 The risk to and in any goods shall pass to the customer from the moment that Just Labels has met its delivery requirements in accordance with the provisions of 5.2 above.

5.4 Just labels will dispatch all orders to the customer within five working days of confirmation of payment to Just Labels having been finally received.

6. Warranties and Disclaimers

6.1 Subject to 6.2 below, Just Labels warrants that all goods will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of dispatch subject to the goods being stored, used and maintained in accordance with any relevant instructions supplied by Just Labels. No warranty claims will be entertained unless the customer notifies Just Labels in writing within 7 days of discovery of the defect and returns the alleged defective product to Just Labels.

6.2 This warranty does not apply when the goods have been subjected to misuse.

6.3 Just Labels disclaims any liability to any party in respect of any consequential damages or loss which that party may suffer as a result of any defect in the goods supplied or any other breach of Just Labels obligations in terms of this contract.

6.4 In the event that there is a shortage of goods received or any of the labels supplied are mis-spelt, the customer must notify Just Labels with fifteen working days of Just Labels having effected delivery in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 5 above, failing which notification, the customer will be precluded from bringing a claim against Just Labels.

6.5 Just Labels shall not be held responsible or liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under this agreement owing to fire, flood, industrial dispute, accident or any other cause whatsoever that is beyond Just Labels' reasonable control.

7. Legal Proceedings

7 In the event of there being any legal proceedings instituted then, in such event:

7.1 the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates' Court;

7.2 Service upon Just Labels of any process may be effected at:

30 Westville Centre, 52 Norfork Terrace, Westville, 3629, Kwa Zulu Natal

7.3 Service upon the customer or the person placing the order may be effected at the address where the goods were to have been delivered.

7.4 Just Labels will be entitled to recover interest on any amount due to it at 4% above the prevailing prime interest rate of ABSA Bank.

7.5 Just Labels will be entitled to recover its legal costs on the scale as between attorney and client.

8. Changes and amendments

8.1 Just Labels reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to alter and/or amend its standard terms and conditions of sale without notice. The customer must, before placing any order, reacquaint himself or herself with the standard terms and conditions of Just Labels' contract by visiting Just Labels web site or by requesting a copy of the prevailing standard terms and conditions of sale.

8.2 Just Labels reserves the right to change and amend the prices and rates quoted on its website without any notice.

8.3 The standard terms and conditions of contract, as set forth herein, shall constitute the sole and exclusive terms of the contract concluded between the parties. No variation, amendment or waiver shall be of any force or effect unless it is either reduced to writing and signed by both parties or, in instances where the contract was amended in accordance with an e-mail or facsimile transmission, where the terms of such amendment alteration or waver has been confirmed by both parties by e-mail or facsimile transmission.

8.4 Once an order has been placed and paid for by the customer, no cancellation or changes will be accepted without written agreement between Just Labels and the customer.